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    Robin Sydney from Zorbitz We began in 2007, a highly motivated, women owned company committed to raising Breast Cancer awareness in our community. We knew the disease was impacting an enormous amount of lives and we just could not sit around without doing our bit. Pink United was born out of the personal desire of every person in this office wanting to truly making an active difference in the fight to end the disease forever.

    Almost every person in our office has known a close relative or friend who has suffered from Breast Cancer. The lives of these dear people that were indeed saved were because of early detection and treatment that could only be provided through donation and fundraising efforts. This is why we donate 10 per cent of the proceeds of sale of any Pink United products to Breast Cancer charities we select. With your support the disease wont win. We are grateful for the opportunity to help save lives and the more people we reach the more lives we will save.

    Pink United brings organizations who want to be charity affiliated together. Part of why we started this program is because we knew that there were many companies just like us who supported breast cancer research as an individual effort. We wanted to create a powerful alliance against Breast Cancer.
    We always work with select Breast Cancer charities that we trust. These are ones that are making a continuing impact on many lives through providing services to those who are fighting Breast Cancer diagnose, cope and treat their condition. Wholefoods Market has been our vendor and biggest supporter of the program; helping us to reach the masses and grow Pink United to something bigger than we could even imagine. In our first year together we raised $70,000 for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.
    The Men Wear Pink Proud Awareness Program was created out of a need to increase education to men about the importance of their involvement in Breast Cancer fundraising and support. We have been enjoying seeing the supportive response from men of all ages and types, pictured in our gallery. If you’re a man and you like what we are doing, thanks for stopping by and please use the upload function in our gallery to donate a camera phone picture of yourself wearing a pink t-shirt. Oh and please pass the message on to your friends.
    Together through reaching as many people as possible and educating them on ways they can help us in our fight may we end Breast Cancer forever.  
    Thanks for your support,

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