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    Facts about Breast Cancer

    Facts about breast cancer

    Breast cancer is the number one cancer in women.

    Thousands of women will learn they have breast cancer this year. Thousands of women will die from it.

    Breast cancer does not only occur in women. This year over two thousand MEN in the US will learn they have breast cancer. Hundred's will die from it.

    Today, most women will survive for 5 years or more if detected early.

    If the cancer spreads outside the Breasts, less than 3 in 10 women will survive for 5 years.

    Who's at Risk?

    • Over 50 years old, 8 in 10 breast cancers are found.
    • Either you or a family member has had breast cancer.
    • Abnormal breasts discovered in a mammogram.
    • Had a high dose radiation to the chest.
    • Started a menstrual period before age 12 or stopped after age 55.
    • Have never had a child or had your first child after age 30.
    • Taking Birth Control = higher risk. Stopped taking over 10 years ago = lower risk.
    • Are overweight or obese after menopause.
    • Hormone replacement therapy.
    • Have one or more alcoholic drinks a day.


    “Men Against Breast Cancer – MABC is the first national non-profit organization designed to provide targeted support services to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes a female loved one; as well as, target and mobilize men to be active participants in the fight to eradicate breast cancer as a life threatening disease”
    MABC provides educational resources online. Please visit their website to purchase a handbook for Men “For The Women We Love: A Breast Cancer Battle Plan and Caregivers Action Guide For Men” plus other support resources.
    This is an important and invaluable website that provides men with practical information and tips to aid in dealing with emotional aspects of being there for a loved one battling breast cancer.

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